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January – Check In

The first block of “A Quilters’ Dozen” is a straight forward 9-patch 12.5″ x 12.5″ square. The simplicity of this block provides the opportunity to learn and/or practice the chain piecing technique while perfecting those tight corners. Every quilter can take a moment to pause and “Check In”.

Give your squares a fresh press and lay them out, alternating background and print fabrics.


Sew squares into rows. Place the squares from the middle column onto the squares from the first column, right sides together.


Using chain piecing, sew along the right sides of the squares. Open the pairs up (without separating the chain) and place the squares from the last column onto the squares from the middle column, right sides together.


Using chain piecing, sew along right sides of the squares.


Take your three rows (still chain pieced together) to the ironing board.


Press seams in the first row to the right, middle row seams to the left, and third row seams to the right. Fold top row onto the middle row with right sides together.


Take note of how the alternating seams “lock” together. This is how you’ll get nice tight corners. As you’re sewing, make sure that all your seams are locked together.


Sew the rows together and press.


Hooray! You have successfully completed the first block of “A Quilters’ Dozen”. I hope you’ve gained confidence in using the chain piecing technique (if you weren’t a pro already) and are admiring your nice corners. These foundational techniques will be important as the blocks become increasingly more difficult (and fun) each month. Thanks for sewing along with me!


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