Hindsight – Block 7

Over the halfway point, it’s time for Block 7. Start by sewing the rectangle to the top edge of the square. Then sew the smaller triangle (same fabric as the rectangle) to the right edge of the square:


Trim the rectangle following the same line as the diagonal edge of the triangle:


Lay the triangle on top, right sides together and sew along diagonal:


Trim to 15.5″ x 15.5″ square (I did this by lining up the diagonal line on my square ruler with the diagonal seam and trimming two edges then I used two rulers to trim the other two edges 15.5″ from the first two edges that I trimmed):

Congratulations, you’ve now completed Block 7 of this year’s block-of-the-month, Hindsight. Feel free to share your blocks, tagging @justitch.ca, #bom2020, #hindsightquiltalong, #hindsightis2020.

IMG_3062Happy Quilting!

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