Hindsight – Block 11

You’re a star! And so is Block 11 of this year’s block-of-the-month, Hindsight.

Start by stacking two of the same coloured rectangles, right sides up, and cutting the diagonal top left to bottom right. Stack the other two same coloured rectangles, right sides up, and cut the diagonal top right to bottom left. It is very important to cut the same coloured rectangles in the same direction but to cut the other coloured rectangles in the opposite direction. If you have cut your rectangles correctly you will notice that triangles of one colour fit on the left of the black/grey triangles and the triangles of the other colour will fit on the right. Sew a coloured triangle to the left of the black/grey triangle (notice the overhang above and below the black/grey triangle):


Trim the coloured triangle following the diagonal line of the black/grey triangle:

Sew the other coloured triangle to the right side of the black/grey triangle (again, notice the overhang above and below):


Trim the piece to 5.5″ x 5.5″ square (I trimmed 0.25″ from the top of the grey triangle first then trimmed the remaining sides):

Repeat with the remaining three sets of triangles. Lay out all nine squares:


Assemble the block as a standard 9-patch (Click HERE for a 9-patch tutorial). Sew three rows of three with alternating seams then sew the three rows together (alternating seams will lock):


If you didn’t already feel like a star, I really hope you do now! Please share your star blocks on social media, tagging @justitch.ca, #bom2020, #hindsightquiltalong, #hindsightis2020

Happy Quilting!

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