Hindsight – Block 12

The last block of this year’s block-of-the-month, Hindsight, is asymmetrical and original–truly one-of-a-kind. I hope you enjoy its unique abstract quality as much as I do. I think I saved the best for last …

Start by sewing the two larger triangles together along the diagonal (notice the slight overhang at each end of the diagonal):


Then do the same with the two smaller triangles:


Sew these two rectangular pieces together:


Trim 0.25″ from the edge where the diagonals come to a point:


Cut 4.25″ from the edge that you just trimmed:


Trim the opposite edge:


Cut 9.75″ from the edge you just trimmed and discard the skinny piece that you cut off:


Mark the center of all pieces including the 2″ x 18″ strip:


Sew the pieces together with the strip in between, lining up all center marks. Trim excess strip off each edge:


Congratulations! You’ve completed Block 12:


You’ve completed all of this year’s blocks! Take some time to savour your accomplishment and then check out the tutorial on how to assemble the quilt top. Make sure to post images of your blocks, layout, and final product, tagging @justitch.ca, #bom2020, #hindsightis2020quilt

Happy Quilting!

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