Hindsight is 2020

When I named this year’s BOM, Hindsight is 2020, I had no idea what that could mean. As you lay out the blocks, look back on each one, reflecting on the challenges, complexity, accomplishments, and achievements of this quilt, but also of the past year in general.

Every block is the same size so feel free to rearrange the blocks in any orientation that works best for you:


Sew the blocks together as four rows of three, alternating the seams:


Then sew the four rows together and your 45″ x 60″ quilt top is complete:


This size quilt is perfect for a crib or for cuddling under. If you’d like a larger bed-sized quilt, you could increase the size in a few ways: 1. sew borders on each block, 2. sew sashing in between blocks, or 3. sew borders around the blocks after they are sewn together.

If you need recommendations on where/how to have your top quilted, please do not hesitate to ask. If you need help with binding your quilt, I provide binding services.

I hope you had a positive quilting experience and that you look back on Hindsight with joy and pride.

Happy Quilting!

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